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Living in a Movie Scene,
puking American Dreams.
-- Come enter my world of crap
-I hope it's entertaining

The timing in which people enter your life is very important.

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"When my children are settled, I am going to retire and devote more time to my meditation. Every time you meditate, you get a little further from the world. You become more and more like the lotus, which grows in the water, but never touches the water."
"So what’s the benefit of withdrawing from the world?"
"Meditation is like a glass of juice. I can describe the glass of juice to you. But you’re not going to know the glass of juice until you taste it."

(Jammu, India)

My memory is again in the way of your history.

"Farewell," The Country Without a Post Office, Agha Shahid Ali (via a-kind-of-leaving)

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Michael Caine 1969

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I think that the way woman and men relate to each other is changing and I like it. Also, I think that women should lead the world. Men are idiots, including me. Women can understand what’s going on better and that’s why they are more sensitive than men. At least in my personal experience. Men are always focused on the competition, as an obsession. But I think that we could learn a lot from women [especially if we] managed problems from a feminine point of view.

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