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Cutest thing ever - Vine by Cheyenne Moore

You dead yet? I’m dead.


Jim just set the husband bar so high

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There’s no going back. Once you start to learn and experience resistance and justice. You are forever another person! #justice #originalhuman #freedom


This too crucial for people not to reblog and bring awareness. This injustice is happening in Skagit, WA. Show support for Familias Unidas Por La Justicia.

"Familias Unidas Para La Justicia needs public support.

  1. The farmworkers demand recognition.
  2. The farmworkers want a contract, they feel that it is the only way Sakuma executives will honor their agreements, they have otherwise broken their word, and have failed to adhere to their own written agreements.
  3. The farmworkers want their grievances to be met in good faith.
  4. The farmworkers ask that the solidarity community continue to support them in these difficult times.”

For more info on solidarity and history  http://boycottsakumaberries.com/how-you-can-walk-with-familias-unidas-por-la-justicia/


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No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.

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